We are delighted that the Bromsgrove Youth & Community Hub,

a multi agency response to the needs of young people in Bromsgrove,

situated at Bromsgrove Baptist Church Basement.

The Hub gives young people of Bromsgrove a base were they can speak to professionals on a range of topics including relationship advice, mental health support, self-esteem and sexual health. It also provide parenting sessions.
They are able to access mentoring and counselling and have a space where they can go with their friends or if they need support.
The hub also benefits the wider Bromsgrove community by tackling concerns of anti-social behaviour and a place where they can meet professionals and gain support themselves.
The youth and community hub now has a project manager in post. Sarah Mulhall, has extensive experience of working with young people and communities, said: “We are all so excited to be a part of this new project, this is a great opportunity for the young people of Bromsgrove, so please come in to The Hub and find out more.” Rev Paul Lewis added: “A place like this for the young people of Bromsgrove is long overdue and it’s great that it is finally happening after so much planning and hard work.”

From the Bromsgrove Youth Hub we deliver a range of training and activities. These include:
 Online training English and Maths

 Community based social action projects
 A youth club and youth activities which appeal to young peoples, physical,mental and spiritual needs.
 Information advice and guidance including, a sign posting service that young people can access
 Mental health counselling
 Employability workshops including curriculum vitae writing.
 Support for addictions
 Parenting courses
 Family support
 Volunteering and training opportunities
 Sexual health services
 A welcoming environment
 Life skills such as cooking and budgeting
 Healthy relationship advice.
 Faith based literacy activities for young people