Hymn of Appreciation

Hymn of Appreciation We honour, Lord, Thy servants who have sought to work for Thee, and all their gifts have brought. To help Thy cause in this dear hallowed place, where souls have long found fellowship and grace. Long years they taught, with steadfast conviction, the joy  Christ gives as close companion; In simple faith [...]

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The importance of being Fruitful on our Frontline

licc Website Fruitfulness on the Frontline Being fruitful in our everyday life, not just on Sunday. Our sphere of influence and connectedness to a broken world is beyond the faithfulness of attending church. It grows in our everyday situations - family, school, work, home, gym, friendships. May we be people of difference, spreading [...]

The importance of being Fruitful on our Frontline2019-06-18T11:51:41+00:00
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