Welcome to Men’s Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

Part of Newsong community Church’s Men’s Ministry

@ New Venue: Bromsgrove Golf Club (from March 2020)

You’ve been waiting patiently for the much anticipated launch of the new quarterly Men’s Breakfast for 2020, and I’m now delighted to invite you to this launch with the details below:

So what’s happening?

The previous monthly men’s breakfasts at NewSong are to be replaced by more outward-reaching quarterly breakfasts starting Saturday 7th March at the Bromsgrove Golf Centre, to be followed again in June, September and December. The reason for this is because, as we anticipate our numbers increasing, we need more accessible catering and better facilities in which to offer a breakfast event that will also attract men who wouldn’t so easily come to a church meeting place. Our purpose will continue to see our existing core group of men built up in their Christian faith BUT ALSO (and this is the main change) for the opportunity this gives us to invite friends& colleagues who may not see the point of being a Christian and knowing God. To fulfil this I believe we need a new venue & setting to which all men can happily come. The setting of the Bromsgrove Golf Centre fulfils that.

What will change?

We don’t want to lose the open nature of our well known breakfasts. And we will never lose sight of our intention that men might know God and be encouraged & supported as men-to-men so as to develop a distinctly Christian response in our lives to the world in which we live. After all it’s our founding motto. But the new breakfasts will also bring opportunities to look beyond ourselves and towards others. Thus the breakfasts will become even more part of each of our ‘front-lines’ with people we know. For some of us this may start slowly but eventually I believe God will bring change into the lives of not only ourselves but many others too. Remember, whether you wish to bring a guest or not, you are very much the purpose of these breakfasts as we spend time with our friends and the Lord exploring things that truly matter in our lives.

What sort of talks will be given?

The talks will be a safe place for people to join us. Yes, they will continue to be faith building, but we also want the talks to be life-application orientated, and essentially clear & positive as to why we exist in this world, and thus how we might know God and indeed enjoy Him forever. Our speakers will be chosen on this basis, and our first speaker will be Larry Kineman on 7th March, a man greatly used by God and known to many of us. We are delighted to welcome Larry to this launch event.

So what happens on the day?

We will meet in the ground-floor private restaurant of the Bromsgrove Golf Centre at 8.30am to register, sitting down at 8.45am with 10am finish. The restaurant is found by turning left in the club house entrance hall leading into ‘Edwards Restaurant & Bar’ (PS: no relation to me!) and then bearing left into the restaurant where you will be invited to contribute £5 towards the heavily discounted breakfast. Thanks. The breakfast will have an option for either gluten free full English breakfast or Smoked salmon & scramble eggs, all at the same price + of course coffee/tea/orange juice as usual.

How do I book?

We hope eventually to use a simple click button to signify acceptance, but at the moment please just reply to this email by confirming as usual your ‘acceptance/or not’ to Len Owen who again is sending out the invitations for us. Please note, it is important to book before the Friday a.m before the Saturday breakfast. But as always, please book early (like now if you can!) to guarantee a place(s). The restaurant will need to know numbers and catering choices (full English or Smoked salmon & eggs) by the same date please, so please confirm with Len your choice of breakfast at the same time. If you bring guests then the same applies for their attendance. If you just turn up without notice, then you’d always be welcome BUT a place & meal cannot be guaranteed! Thanks.

Where exactly is the venue?

Address: Bromsgrove Golf Centre (“BGC”), Stratford Road, Bromsgrove B60 1LD, tel 01527 575886. The golf centre is located off the large A38 roundabout (Stratford Road out of Bromsgrove and A448 Redditch dual carriageway). Enter the Redditch dual carriageway and immediately (100 yds) turn left onto a small slip road marked ‘Golf Membership/Edwards Bar & Restaurant’. Then turn right into the BGC driveway to find ample parking spaces. The club house is on your left.