@ Newsong Community Church:

An opportunity for young people to GO Create / GO Active / GO Deeper 

Meeting in the church hall during the main service every Sunday morning.

A safe place for all ages to explore together the riches of God’s word, learning His way, truth, and light in their lives.

Led by our fabulous Newsong GO Team, children and young people will be able to meet together,

having a choice of 3 activities around the same theme as the adults.

Creative activity / physical and active program / or spend time exploring faith and going deeper with God.

Every Sunday starts with Church family worship in Church and then a chance to GO Big where all children and young people will start their Newsong Go experience.

So come along, check it out, make some friends and seek God.

All members of our Newsong Go Team have completed Safeguarding training and DBS checks to ensure all children feel safe and secure during their time in  the Newsong Go environment:

This is a good time to encourage our children and young people to pray. I believe that one of the reasons God blesses us, in addition to loving us, is the Abraham blessing – I will bless you, so that you can bless others.

I think this is a good time to start talking about the fact that God has sent people to work in hospitals, ambulances, public health, governments, positions of authority. And to encourage our children and young people to pray blessings on these people so that they can bless those around them.

Let’s encourage them to bring Coronavirus before God and pray that God would resource the people who are fighting this. Saying: God, we’re acknowledging that sickness is here, but we’re also acknowledging that you provide people to treat sickness and to deal with it.

This is a good opportunity for us to encourage children and young people that while we may be small, we can pray for people who make a big difference. Whether or not our leaders are believers, this is an opportunity to remind ourselves and those we minister alongside to pray for the leaders of the land – for God to give them wisdom in what they’re doing.