Hymn of Appreciation

We honour, Lord, Thy servants who have sought

to work for Thee, and all their gifts have brought.

To help Thy cause in this dear hallowed place,

where souls have long found fellowship and grace.

Long years they taught, with steadfast conviction,

the joy  Christ gives as close companion;

In simple faith and single purpose strong,

proclaimed Thy truth in fervent work and song.

In Joy or sorrow, disappointments, pain

they called on Thee and never in vain;

with cheerful hearts they trod the Christian way,

trusting God’s promise till the end of day.

O God of Love, may those who follow on,

Still hold the torch – the cross of Thy dear Son,

Drawing all upward to that perfect day,

when Christ shall reign and evil pass away.


Brother Reg Bayliss of Sidemoor

Devoted service in the Sunday School Choir and Conductor

for over 50 years